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‘The RiskyCad consortium is coordinated by the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA– Dr Evangelos Andreakos) and brings together 6 leading research centres and universities of international standing, 1 large industry and 4 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Greece, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and France, with the aim to identify high risk asymptomatic patients and improve primary prevention of CAD by developing novel therapeutics and tailoring treatment to best match the individual patient’s profile.

The nature of the Consortium is interdisciplinary and includes Partners with outstanding expertise on omics technologies such as lipidomics and genomics, excellence in basic cardiovascular research and experimental models, unique know-how in bioinformatics, and a remarkable track-record in cohort-based studies and clinical research. As the overall focus of the Consortium is translational, leading companies in biomarker discovery and drug repositioning such as Zora Bioscience, Comprehensive Biomarker Centre and Biovista, and Synlab, the biggest clinical diagnostics service provider in Europe are also involved.

RiskyCad’s intention is to make a real impact in the field of coronary artery disease risk prediction by developing solutions that can promptly reach primary care physicians, specialized cardiologists and patients.’


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