Personalized diagnostics and treatment for high risk coronary artery disease.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) and acute myocardial infarction constitute the major cause of death in the developed world. Yet, current diagnostic tools are not properly supporting risk stratification, thus hampering the application of prevention therapies and the development of novel therapeutics for high risk patients of CAD.

RiskyCad is an FP7 European Collaborative network that takes advantage of the latest technologies and some of the finest European cohorts to improve risk prediction in asymptomatic patients with high risk of CAD. Through the assembly of an interdisciplinary group of academic researchers and commercial entreprises, with an excellent track record in cohort-based studies, laboratory medicine and omics technologies, RiskyCad aims to identify new biomarkers, develop new diagnostic tests, improve current risk estimation models, and provide new treatments based on drug repositioning for apparently asymptomatic patients that are in high risk of CAD.

RiskyCad is funded by the European Commission 
within its FP7 specific programme Cooperation 
Contract no: 305739 | Official starting date: 1 November 2012


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Dr Evangelos Andreakos
Biomedical Research Foundation
Academy of Athens
Soranou Efesiou 4, Athens

tel:  +30 (210) 6597001
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E-mail: vandreakos[at]bioacademy[dot]gr

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